Hearing Aids

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Improving your hearing with technology is better than ever. Advancements have given new users a variety of choices for almost invisible, comfortable and high fidelity hearing aids. With hundreds of different hearing aid types and styles on the market, you can choose the perfect pair for your lifestyle.

A Helping Hand

The right hearing aids can be life-changing. With the wrong ones, your hearing could get worse. This is where your local hearing professional comes in.

Your audiologist or hearing aid specialist will help you choose hearing aids that are right for your needs, the environments you spend time in, and your budget. A 1-on-1, personalized relationship means they can fit, adjust and program your hearing aids as needed to ensure the best hearing possible.

Types of Hearing Aids


There are different types of hearing aids depending on your degree of hearing loss and preferences. These options are commonly known by where the speaker/receiver is located. The most common models include RIC (receiver in canal) and BTE (behind the ear) as well as ITE (in the ear) devices.

New hearing aid features are designed to improve sound clarity for a more natural listening experience. Hear the sounds you want and turn down the ones you don’t, with upgrades like speech-enhancement for improved conversations.

Find the Latest Devices Near You

Don’t wait to explore treatment options for your hearing loss. You can try new, discreet and powerful digital hearing aids at a hearing clinic near you.

Schedule a visit to have your hearing tested and discover the solution that is right for you.